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Our Partners

Working with companies that care

Reliant Partner Program

Our success has been a direct result of our partnership philosophy and strategy. Reliant is committed to assisting our partners grow their business through acquiring new clients relationships or discovering opportunities with existing client relationships. Reliant has formed partnerships with some of the most recognized names in the industry. Our valued partners help us reach new markets and help us offer our clients new added value.

Partnering With Reliant

Reliant focuses on attaining the trust of our clients. Likewise Reliant looks for partners where trust and collaboration form a valuable client resource. Our value to our clients does not end with our product suite. Reliant recommends partners to our client base to fill needs in areas beyond our solutions. Many companies need a range of services both software and consulting to address their tactical and administrative HR requirements. Additionally, Reliant’s clients at times require professional consulting services to address their strategic performance management goals. Reliant is eager to provide partner referrals and recommendations to assist clients in all these areas. Our philosophy is that if it can help the client to achieve its goals then it is time and effort well spent on our part.

Reseller Partners

Reliant’s reseller partners help to reach new market segments. Typically these partners have a strong presence in their market and access to a broader or niche’ specific prospect base. We see our partner’s clients, as well as prospects as potential users for the Reliant suite of products.

Referral Partners

Reliant’s referral partners help us provide complementary value-added services to our clients that further support the organization’s performance management goals. These services can range from background screening to management consulting, eLearning and applicant tracking systems. Reliant is constantly assessing providers in adjacencies to its business that can extend the impact of our solutions to our valued clients.

If you have questions about the Reliant Partner Programs, please contact Chris Wright, CEO, at


ThinkWise is a company with a goal of collapsing advanced and expert knowledge around organizational effectiveness into simple, user-friendly solutions that can be made available to everyone regardless of organization size, location or type. Many of our clients have described us as being similar to a “magician who reveals their trick.” We believe good knowledge, resources, tools and methods should be available to everyone to help their organizations grow and flourish.

With more than 75 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 employer locations, Snagajob is America’s #1 hourly marketplace. We focus on creating instant and quality connections so workers can get jobs and employers can hire workers—in minutes. We do this through the Snagajob marketplace and PeopleMatter, our end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management solutions. Our mobile sourcing, hiring, training, scheduling, and performance management tools drive results for single-location operators to Fortune 500 businesses with thousands of locations, across the restaurant, retail, hospitality and healthcare industries.

Apex Translations, Inc. provides quality translations to technical, legal, medical, and business clientele throughout the world. We focus on providing our clients with cost-effective, professional translations, efficiently and on time. Apex serves a broad spectrum of clients, including small and large corporations, law firms, medical institutions, government agencies, small businesses, and individuals.

The Persimmon Group provides business consulting and project management services to organizations across industries with the primary goal of accelerating their success. We employ a holistic approach aimed at improving your people, processes and tools. And while we leverage proven methodologies, we understand that your company deserves and expects more than shrink-wrapped solutions, so our services are tailored to your precise needs and goals.

Human Performance Advisors is a distinctive boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, legal and compliance advisory, risk management, audit, financial analysis and planning, corporate-wide change, organization and leadership development, organizational reorganizations, and business startups. Using sound guidance and tangible results grounded in experience and reliable expertise, we identify, and then help you implement quantifiable objectives that yield exponential results., Inc.® is a recruiting technology service provider offering extensive experience and insight into the Human Capital Management (HCM) vertical. Our line of applicant tracking systems create a sustainable competitive edge for clients seeking measurable results in corporate, hourly, and internal recruitment. nowHIRE offers a cost-effective, easy to use and efficient hiring management system, robust enough to meet the needs of complex enterprise organizations.

PeopleClues®/PeopleMatter is with you every step of the way. We provide the PeopleClues® behavioral assessments for more effective decision making, training and development and strategic workforce planning. PeopleClues® Assessments measure people for their unique personality characteristics, cognitive abilities and attitudes. These measurements are then available from screening to hiring and on-boarding, lateral moves and promotions, training and coaching, and leadership identification and development.

PeopleMatter is a software company on a mission to make people matter and businesses thrive through awesome, innovative workforce solutions. They’ll fire a cannon because it’s Tuesday and challenge you to Mario Kart any day of the week. They’ll run for a cause, clean for a cause, shop for a cause and take a cross-country RV tour just because

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